Coiled Tubing Services

With a reputation as one of the most reliable well intervention providers in the industry, TAQA exhibits advanced, effective Coiled Tubing capabilities across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Established in 2008, TAQA’s broad experience providing well intervention services, technology, and fluid systems to a region-spanning roster of clients has equipped the team with industry-leading knowledge and capabilities. As the landscape of the Oil and Gas industry continues to shift, TAQA Coiled Tubing demonstrate agility and respond dynamically to adopt and utilize its R&D to provide novel and effective solutions to solve the most complex client challenges. This is facilitated by a strong balance of our team of experts designing fit for purpose technological solutions, alongside the flawless delivery demonstrated by our operations team at well sites.

Surface Equipment

TAQA Coiled Tubing capabilities cover all applications across onshore and offshore operations with CT string sizes from 1-1/2” to 2-7/8”. This means we retain capacity to cover any requirements providing services for a vast range of applications with both conventional CT and telemetry enabled CT, E-Coil and hybrid with fiber optics capabilities, to treat complex wells such as extended reach and multilateral.

Technical & Engineering capabilities

TAQA Coiled Tubing harnesses local technical talent with industry experts to provide outstanding technical support and engineering solutions. By working closely with our customers, by utilizing the best industry and engineering practices, and by implementing leading simulation and software, we can design fit for purpose treatments for any well.

Lab & Fluids Capabilities

TAQA prioritizes the vision and goals of our customers, with client ambitions guiding our approach to reservoir management and solutions. We therefore created a complete chemical profile, tailored to fit differing reservoirs. Our state-of-the-art stimulation lab provides support to the engineering and operations teams where new fluid solutions are developed to address client challenges and optimize treatments in addition to the QA/QC required to ensure operational execution that adheres to the job design.
We also work closely with our global partners (OPT & Tendeka) to deploy the latest developments in specialty fluid chemistry and develop new formulations in their R&D labs around the world.

Applications & Downhole technology

TAQA Coiled Tubing has a strong track record of various applications such as nitrogen lifting, fishing, milling, sand/fill clean-out using high agitating tools, extended reach operation in single and in multi-lateral wells, scale removal, cement squeeze, horizontal production logging, abrasive cutting, matrix acid stimulation, and selective acid stimulation using the one-of-a-kind smart straddle packer Challenger tool from Target Intervention (our Well Intervention Center of Excellence). For exploration wells, the smart DST testing tool from Target (Discovery tool) ensures significant time & cost savings for testing the different reservoirs or zones of interest while having the capability to stimulate, Nitrogen lift and set/rest the packer while obtaining real time downhole parameters.

Alongside the conventional application, TAQA strives to deliver complex operations that provide durable solutions to the obstacles encountered in Oil and Gas wells, partnering with our clients in a variety of projects such as water & gas shut-off.

TAQA LiveCOIL enables downhole real‐time data measurements for improved well evaluation and optimization, giving BHP and BHT (external/internal), GR‐CCL, tension, compression, torque, azimuth‐inclination, DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) and DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing) which is crucial in many applications in current market requirements.

Training and Development

TAQA acknowledges the high value in investing in our people and continues to prioritise this. Through our TAFAWOK training programs and via our state-of-the-art CT and fluid pumps simulators overseen by experienced instructors, we ensure that our employees can develop the business-required technical knowledge, competencies, practical skills, and certifications to deliver their jobs effectively with immediacy and continuity.