Well Testing

As one of the oldest organizations within AlMansoori Petroleum Services, the well testing division has been providing outstanding service quality to our clients for over 35 years. Our highly qualified personnel have been fully trained in both operations and HSE procedures, in line with our HSEQ Management System.

Our engineering and project departments provide different services to ensure that all packages meet the international codes & standards as well as good engineering practices.

  • Long & Short Term Well Testing
  • Extended Well Testing
  • Metering Oil, Water & Gas Rates
  • Sand Management
  • Flow to Clean
  • Flaring Associated Gas
  • Re-injection of Produced Oil
  • PVT Sampling
  • Onsite Fluid Analysis
  • Early Production
  • Gas Power Generation
  • Gas Compression
  • Zero Flaring (Remote & Developed Field Areas)
  • Surface test trees
  • Flexible hoses
  • ESD valves
  • ESD panels
  • Indirect heaters
  • Chemical injection pumps
  • Choke manifolds
  • Acid neutralization units
  • H2S sweetening units
  • 3 & 4 phase separators
  • Surge tanks
  • Transfer pumps
  • Lab cabins
  • Oil / gas manifolds
  • Multi-phase meters
  • Temporary flow lines
  • Offshore burner booms
  • Onshore burners
  • Green burner heads
  • Vertical flare stacks
  • Gauge tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • Loading gantries
  • Re-injection pumps
  • Wireless data acquisition
  • Mobile well test packages
  • Electric power generators
  • Duplex cartridge filters
  • SMS packages
  • Gas incinerators
  • Electrostatic heater treaters
  • Pressure tanks
  • Water treatment units
  • Pressure test systems
  • Steam heat exchangers
  • Steam generators
  • Coriolis flow meters
  • Water cut meters
  • Debris catchers
  • Diesel tanks
  • Diverter manifolds
  • Eruption manifolds
  • K.O. drums
  • Hydraulic quick releases
  • DNV pipes rack & bask
  • Air compressors


AlMansoori is implementing a portfolio of technologies that enable the implementation of lean processes in drilling and completions, subsurface and well test data acquisition and in work-over and well intervention.

In this context, AlMansoori has proudly introduced in 2021 the 100% AlMansoori designed, engineered and manufactured Multi Phase Flow Dynamic Simulator (MPFDS).


This new digital approach has disrupted well testing in an unthinkable and radical way. Well testing has become automated with infinite diverse data output options based on the user specifications. The footprint has been reduced to three square meters with the operation conducted by just two specialists located outside the operating environment. AlMansoori is leading the transition to digital well testing in the MENA and the rest of the world.

The process of simulating in a flow computer, the multi-phase flow composition as executed under fully dynamic conditions, is the first-ever application in multi-phase flow prediction. Simulation instead of physically measuring using sensors!

MPFDS has the benefit of producing extremely accurate results because it reflects the actual dynamic conditions in the well. It also provides the composition and the properties of the multi-phase flow: water, hydrocarbons, H2S, CO2 and N2 yet also a very diverse set of properties can be derived in real-time like molecular weight, density, viscosity, thermo-conductivity, surface tension, entropy, enthalpy and compressibility factor. This is not possible with any other method. It delivers the high-quality big data needed to capitalize on AI.


In this context, AlMansoori proudly introduced in 2018 the in-house designed and manufactured smart well test unit and is now leading the transition to smart well testing in the MENA region.

The deployment process is simple. Once the mobile unit is positioned on the well site and connected to the well, then operations take place in a fully automated mode. There is minimum human intervention needed in a well test.

The smart well testing unit is an AlMansoori 4.0 development. It produces a well test analysis from the well under testing for example permeability, skin damage and reservoir fluids, average pressure, heterogeneities, reservoir hydraulic connectivity and boundary distances.

This allows assessment of well conditions and estimation of reservoir parameters. To date over 140 highly successful flow tests have been performed with very high levels of client satisfaction evident from client feedback.

The smart well test unit produces big data. The big data, after validation and processing, becomes the high-quality input into the data driven decision making for the reservoir engineer, contributing to our client’s optimization efforts. Reduced exposure. Efficiency. Quality. Big data.

“AlMansoori is the first company to use multipurpose vessels in the GCC & MENA Region”


We provide clients with multipurpose vessels equipped with surface well testing and pumping equipment permanently installed on the deck. The vessels move easily between wells and platforms to perform multiple types of interventions including flow back, unloading, pumping chemicals, verification and data gathering.


  • Unloading wells
  • Flow back and testing wells
  • Overcome the drop-in wellhead pressure
  • Pressure testing
  • Short flaring for contingencies
  • Pumping production chemicals
  • Kill the wells offline prior to rig or barge approach
  • Pumping nitrogen when needed


  • Faster sailing between locations
  • Minimal mobilization notice
  • Fast rig up/rig down (less than 2 hours)
  • No. of wells based on real statistics (2-3 wells a day)
  • No additional cost for the seabed survey and positioning
  • External firefighting equipment
  • Work in deep and shallow waters (design draft as required)
  • Safe to castoff in case of emergency (using Hydraulic Quick Disconnect and ESD)
  • Cost effective