Plug & Abandonment

AlMansoori offers full flexibility in P&A services both conventional (cement barrier) and non-conventional (bismuth alloy barrier).


Low-cost cement abandonment can be accomplished with AlMansoori Petroleum Services in-house capabilities, and these include slick-line, batch-mixing of cement, high pressure pumping and associated services (e.g. well killing, flaring etc). A total project management approach was conducted for a North African operator with a lean abandonment campaign. reference is made to the SPE paper 202076 LEAN rigless and explosiveness abandonment in Morocco.


AlMansoori partners with BiSN in the deployment of bismuth alloy V0 rated gas tight performance barriers. This is the latest development in barrier technology in abandonment and AlMansoori and BiSN are as such leading the transition to V0 rated gas tight sealing in the domain of P&A. The advantages include economical methodologies in placement of P&A seals inside tubing, casing, section milled single and multiple annuli and sealing of micro-annuli avoiding SAP-B. One of the key benefits is that a 150 ft cement column is being replaced by a qualified 6 feet bismuth alloy abandonment seal which is now widely receiving regulator’s consent. AlMansoori and BiSN are importing these P&A best practices from the North Sea and USA into the MENA region for the benefit of all parties.