AlMansoori Inspection Services (MIS) is an ISO 9001 and API Q2 certified inspection company providing solutions to the upstream, midstream and downstream petroleum industry in the MENA region.  We are member of international technical organizations such as: ASNT, API, LEEA, IRATA, DROPS, IADC.


Our strategic approach is in line with quality management procedures and international codes and standards including ASME, ASTM, API, BS EN, ISO, DS-1, MIS SOP and applicable OEM standards.  We count on over 500 inspectors qualified to international certification schemes such as ASNT-SNT-TC-1A, BINDT- PCN, CSWIP, API, LEEA, IRATA & DROPS. Our in-house trainers are certified to ASNT NDT Level – III and OEM.





  • Established in Abu Dhabi, UAE


  • Expanded portfolio from OCTG inspection to general NDT, rig parts and handling equipment inspection


  • Expanded wings to the MENA region


  • Established management system and certified to ISO 9001 /14001/18001


  • Expanded portfolio to lifting equipment inspection, DROPS


  • Entered into midstream and downstream industries


  • Certified to API Q2


  • Employed +700 team members


Drill pipe inspection as per API/DS 1/NS2 standards

  • Full body EMI 2.3/8” – 6.5/8” •
  • UT shear wave & MPI inspection on slip and upset area with advanced scanning system
  • UT thickness gauging
  • Black light connection inspection
  • Visual and dimensional inspection
  • Heat check inspection
  • Borescope inspection

BHA/Specialty tools inspection as per API/DS 1/NS2 / client and OEM procedures

  • Full length MPI / LPT
  • Black light connection inspection
  • Visual and dimensional inspection
  • Heat check inspection
  • Elevator & slip area inspection
  • Eddy current inspection
  • Ultrasonic flaw detection

Inspection of casing/tubing in accordance with API Spec 5CT, API RP 5A5, 5C1 / OEM procedures

  • Visual inspection to include OD and ID surface condition, straightness, visual thread inspection
  • Full length drifting
  • Special end area inspection
  • Electromagnetic inspection using four function unit to identify transverse, longitudinal, wall monitoring and grade verification
  • Removal and replacement of API couplings

Lifting equipment inspection

  • Lifting equipment management services
  • Crane inspection and certification
  • Load testing of cargo equipment
  • Wire rope inspection
  • Periodical / annual inspection of lifting equipment
  • Lifting equipment inspection with rope access method

Training Services

  • Offshore crane operator training and assessment
  • Mobile crane operator training and assessment
  • Over head crane operator, training and assessment
  • Fork lift operator, training and assessment
  • Basic rigging & slinging training
  • Lifting operations awareness

Lifting planning & supervision 

  • Preparing of light and complex lift plans
  • Supervision of lifting operations
  • Lifting equipment selection & preparation

Dropped object survey with rope access method 

  • Assessment of the integrity of fittings and secondary retention
  • Creation of a professional DROPS picture book as well as provision of detailed recommendations for future maintenance & inspection

Typically, drops object survey includes: 

  • Loose items left at height post construction work
  • Weather damaged items
  • Tar deposits on drilling derricks
  • Items loosened by vibration
  • Corroded fixtures and fittings or lack of secondary retention
  • Non-conforming items such as a loose kick plate
  • Any other potential drops specified by clients
  • Carry out annual, pre-operations and post construction dropped object surveys
  • Online reporting


AlMansoori, a member of Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), is a leading inspection organization providing inspection services to the oil & gas and structural maintenance industries in the MENA region. Honed with years of experience, we have developed our capabilities to provide extensive services by using Rope access.

Our qualified and experienced personnel is certified by IRATA and operates under the guidelines of the IRATA International Code of Practice.

AlMansoori offers the following services by using abseiling method (Rope Access):

  • Dropped object surveys
  • API RP 4G Surveys (CAT-III &IV)
  • Hoisting and handling tools
  • Lifting equipment inspection
  • NDT inspections
  • UT surveys for offshore rigs hull as per class requirement (ABS, DNV, Lloyds, etc.)
  • Mechanical services


  • Cat – III and Cat – IV inspection of rig equipment such as elevators, slips, elevator links, crown blocks, drilling hooks, travelling blocks, dead line anchors, as per API Spec 8C, 7K, RP 8B, 7L and OEM/client procedures
  • NDT of critical areas
  • Visual inspection & UT inspection
  • Dimensional inspections as per OEM manual

We carry out general NDT by well experienced and qualified ASNT/PCN  NDT level II inspectors based on API, ASME Sec V, VIII and IX codes, ASTM 03.03 and BS EN standards.

General NDT and associated services include:

  • Radiography
  • Ultrasonic testing – pulse-echo (angle beam share wave & normal beam longitudinal wave)
  • Liquid penetrant testing
  • Magnetic particle testing
  • Eddy current inspection
  • Demagnetization
  • Visual testing
  • Positive material identification (PMI)
  • Vacuum box testing (with pump & compressor)
  • Hardness testing (rebound methods & ultrasonic contact impedance)
  • Holiday/spark testing (high voltage & low voltage)
  • Bore scope inspection
  • NDT with rope access method
  • Heat treatment – induction (pre-heating, post weld heat treatment (PWHT) & stress relieving
  • Heat treatment – resistance (pre-heating, post weld heat treatment (PWHT) & stress relieving

AlMansoori Inspection Services is the first inspection company in the MENA region to introduce hot spot inspection system to identify magnetic permeability in non-magnetic tools.

  • Identifies magnetic influences detrimental to non-magnetic directional drilling and surveying equipment
  • Material found with hot spot (magnetic anomaly) can be demagnetized and reconfirmed with a re-run to verify acceptable limits
  • In compliance with API Specification-7-1 which stipulates that the maximum field gradient tolerance are set to +5µT
  • Sensitivity of 0.05µT
  • Generally examined every six months

Hull gauging by qualified and experienced inspection personnel in accordance with ABS, DNV,GL and Lloyds procedures.

  • Inspection performed by classification society trained NDT level II inspectors with more than 5 years of experience
  • Inspection performed by using latest UT equipment with through coat method
  • Rope access method for inaccessible locations
  • Hull gauging of jack up rigs, tankers and barges
  • Reporting by using AUTO CAD programs

State-of-the-art coiled tubing inspection system consists of MFL technology with Eddy current inspection for detection of longitudinal, transverse and 3 dimensional defects on OD & ID surfaces with accurate measurement of wall thickness and ovality with scanning speed of 1 meter per second. Precise equipment to meet the stringent requirement of API Spec 5ST, API RP 5 C8 and client procedure such as ARAMCO.

AlMansoori performs integrated inspection system that inspects used tubing by Electro Magnetic Inspection (EMI) during pull-out, and hydro tests the string during completion. The EMI is done using purpose built portable inspection system that will be fixed on the rig floor, and tubing pulled out through it.

The unit consists of 3 separate chambers: a pneumatic chamber-sensor combination that detects any split or hole in the tubing, and 2 hall effect sensor chambers (one to monitor any reduction in wall thickness due to wall thinning or rod-wear and another to detect any corrosion, transverse cuts, cracks, scales etc ). The unit is remotely operated by the inspection engineer from trailer, and each tubing in the string is classified based on API RP 5C1.

This unique system facilitates NDT as well as pressure testing of the tubing string in one go to reduce turn around time of the rig significantly besides cutting cost of tubing that could be reused.

AlMansoori provides third party inspection on behalf of the client during manufacturing, installation and commissioning of various types of equipment at Mill, fabrication work shop and at field by our well qualified and experienced personnel certified in AWS/CSWIP/NACE /BGAS.

  • Welding inspection
  • Coating/painting inspection
  • Coating condition monitoring services
  • Pressure vessel certification as per API 510, 570
  • QC inspection as per project requirement
  • Welder qualification witnessing, welding procedure preparation, welder certificate renewal
  • Pressure testing witnessing, hydro testing and pneumatic testing
  • Dimensional inspection, structural alignment
  • Material receiving inspection and report submission as a TPI agency
  • MTC review and mechanical test witness for material identification
  • Pre shipment inspection / load out inspection
  • Stage wise witness and report submission according to ITP as a TPI agency
  • Quality audit to subcontractor behalf of client
  • Quality plan, ISO documentation preparation for client
  • Inspection release note as per SQP/ITP
  • Mill surveillance

AlMansoori provides NDT Inspection with advanced technology for the precise evaluation of the integrity of equipment by experienced and well trained NDT personnel qualified to ASNT/PCN certifications having familiarity with applicable ASTM, ASME and BS EN Standards for the inspection of structural welds, various refinery equipment and pipelines.

  • PAUT inspection (Phased Array and TOFD)
  • Guided Wave Ultrasonic (GUL)
  • Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC)
  • Computer tomography
  • Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS)
  • Electromagnetic wire rope inspection
  • MFL tank floor inspection
  • AUT inspection
  • Thermography inspection

AlMansoori provides fall arrester inspection to ensure the flawless functioning of the equipment to avoid malfunction which may cause catastropheInspection is performed by well experienced and OEM trained inspection personnel

The inspection shall be carried out based on checklist, which includes:

  • Inspect for damage, distortion, sharp edges, burrs, cracks, corrosion and locking operation of hardware
  • Inspect for cuts, burns, tears, abrasions, frays, excessive soiling and discoloration of webbing
  • Visual inspection of: full body harnesses, lanyards, tie-off adapters, hooks\carabiners, anchorage plates, self retracting lifelines

Inspection and certification of offshore pedestal crane in accordance with API RP 2D.

Scope of inspection

  • Wire rope mechanics / classification / characteristics
  • Rope maintenance (lubrication, storage and handling)
  • Crane mounting types and features (hook and roller, ball ring, king post)
  • Verification of NDT inspection reports
  • Power units and compliance
  • Safety systems (boom luffing limit, hoist limits, boom stops and anti-two-block systems)
  • Inspect swing circle assemblies (ball rings)
  • Crane safety systems (ESD, anti-two-block systems, boom limits, swing limits, etc
  • Function test of emergency load lowering
  • Wire ropes
  • Boom, sheave, hoist & brake
  • Hydraulic system

AlMansoori performs rig inspection in accordance with relevant API standards and OEM procedures, which includes but is not limited to:

Rig construction commission and acceptance

  • Project management during rig major maintenance and acceptance to compliance standards
  • Rig inspection and audits to compliance standards local and international
  • BOP / Well control inspection to compliance standards local and international

Mechanical and electrical systems

    • HSE studies and assessment
    • Specialized maintenance audit programs suited to client respective requirements

Category III & IV inspections of drilling and well servicing structures to evaluate based on API RP 4G

  • ISO Standards review and preparation for accreditation

High pressure hose inspection with advanced pressure testing equipment up to 40,000 PSI based on API\OEM procedures.

API Spec 7K Drilling and well servicing equipment
API Spec 16 C Choke & kill equipment
API Spec 16 D Control system for drilling well, control equipment & control system for diverter equipment
API STD. 53 Well control equipment systems for drilling wells
API RP 7L Procedure for inspection, maintenance, repair and re-manufacturing of drilling equipment
OEM procedure Industrial hoses

AlMansoori provides:

  • Automated steel shot blasting of tubulars for higher production with negligible environmental pollution
  • Hydro blasting for tubulars and structural parts
  • Automated pipe cleaning system
  • Pipe & yard management services
  • Internal & external coating services on tubulars

AlMansoori provides:

  • NDT training and certification in magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing, ultrasonic testing, Eddy current testing, radiography testing, magnetic flux leakage, visual testing, and more
  • Drill stem inspection training
  • Onsite technical audits
  • Failure analysis
  • Inspection procedures review and approval