Drill Stem Testing

AlMansoori Production Services (MPS) has been providing drill stem testing services in the MENA region for over 15 years. We count on full down hole tool sets and personnel to satisfy any drill stem testing needs both onshore and offshore. Relying on our well testing equipment, we can offer a complete well testing package to perform a cost effective well evaluation. Moreover, through Metrol Technology, leader in wireless data transmission, we are able to provide surface read out (SRO) and wireless telemetry down hole data transmission. At AlMansoori, our objective is to add value to our client’s work. Therefore, we will support interested parties in reviewing their portfolio of exploration for drill stem testing.



  • Internal pressure compensated slip joints
  • Single shot reverse circulating valves
  • Annulus operated multi cycle circulating valve
    Annulus operated tester valve
  • Annulus operated tester valve, lock open feature
  • Rupture disc operated samplers
  • E-Gauge carriers
  • Memory gauges (pressure & temperature)
  • Hydraulic jars
  • Tubing flapper tester valve
    Down hole safety valve
  • Tension safety joints
  • DST casing packers (mechanical and hydraulic setting)
  • BOP safety valve


  • Down hole wireless solutions throughout METROL Technology, which uses acoustic, electromagnetic and inductive telemetry in a variety of tools. METROL can perform services such as:
    • Wireless well testing data acquisition (PARAGON, PRO-LOG, OCULUS & ORIGIN
    • Multi-zone well testing (FLOW-SURE DV, FLOW-SURE BV, FLOW-SURE MC & KRYSALIS)
    • Zonal flow control (FLOW-SURE BV & FLOW-SURE MC)
    • Reservoir Flow profiling (PRO-LOG & OCULUS)
    • Selecting perforating (CROSS FIRE)
  • Tubing Conveyed Perforations (TCP) throughout our logging department
  • Data analysis & interpretation throughout KAPPA Engineering utilizing the software Saphir – pressure transient analysis