Directional Drilling

We focus actions and efforts on our objectives for growth and integrity!

AlMansoori Directional Drilling Services (MDDS) started operations as Target Well Control in 1992. Over the years through various mergers, acquisitions and organic growth, MDDS has become a well-recognized provider of directional drilling services in the region, having worked in nine different countries. MDDS delivers drilling optimization solutions, well placement, and formation evaluation with a consistent culture of excellence in service quality. We pride ourselves on achieving high meantime between failure (MTBF) and customer satisfaction ratings.



Directional Drilling Services

  • Drilling motors
    Our high-performance motor has bespoke capability that can perform drilling in a full spectrum between applications that call for low speed / high torque and high speed / low torque on the other end
  • Rotary steerable
    Our “Push the Bit” technology features high dogleg capability with consistent predictable build rates.

Formation Evaluation

  • Measurements While Drilling (MWD)
    Battery powered system that provides wellbore position, directional data & real time drilling information in the range from vertical to horizontal holes.
  • Logging While Drilling (LWD)
    Gamma ray
    Steady state nuclear logging tool

Downhole Tools

  • Drilling jars
  • Jar intensifiers
  • Shock tools
  • IBS stabilizers
  • IBS near Bits
  • Hole openers
  • Roller reamers
  • Whipstock systems
  • Cross overs
  • UBHO’s
  • NMDCs
  • Multi circulating Subs
  • Well bore cleaning