Coiled Tubing & Stimulation

AlMansoori’s coiled tubing and stimulation division has been providing stimulation and well intervention services to clients in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region for over 12 years.

Our offshore fleet of stimulation vessels are fully equipped with state of the art on the fly high-rate mixing, monitoring, and pumping systems with capabilities of pumping up to 100bbls/min.

Our coiled tubing packages operate both onshore and offshore and offer best-in-class advanced solutions addressing our clients’ challenges including extended reach access services.

Our focus on safety, service quality and technology introduction has allowed us to become the company of choice and a major player in the stimulation and coiled tubing market in the MENA region.


Dedication and commitment is what our employees are delivering on a daily basis, working with passion and full understanding of our customer expectations. Training, development and continuous improvement is what keeps us motivated. One team working together towards excellence in delivery.


HIMS 12 is capable of continuous pumping at 100 bpm with a total storage capacity of 200,000 gallons of raw acid below deck.

  • High rate offshore stimulation vessels
  • Onshore standalone stimulation services
  • Nitrogen services
  • Advanced stimulation engineering design
  • Water shutoff solutions
  • Pinpoint stimulation solutions
  • Scale management solutions
  • Rigless plug and abandonment
  • Onshore and offshore coiled tubing services
  • Extended reach coiled tubing solutions
  • Coiled tubing logging services
  • Fiber optic coiled tubing services
  • Abrasive jetting
  • Through tubing services
  • Milling, sand cleanout and fishing services