AlMansoori Wireline Services operate across thirteen countries delivering Logging and Slickline. Their fleet of Slickline is a total of one-hundred-one units, of which sixty-six are onshore units and thirty-five offshore.

For wireline logging and perforating, AWS provide Wellbore and reservoir monitoring services, intervention solutions and perforation services, well integrity services and geoscience services and solutions. For memory logging, their memory services profile spans from tubing caliper servicing to downhole cameras. The AWS slickline capabilities range from installing or retrieving downhole safety valves to shifting sliding sleeves. 

As a company committed to innovation, Almansouri’s outlook is to deliver solutions to the future challenges that our clients face. These are the Technologies that they believe will be able to push the envelope for efficiency of data acquisition, without jeopardizing operations. Most importantly these technologies are cost effective, focus on maintaining production levels, without disturbing Drilling Operations.

The team are continuously striving to ensure that the Wireline Service Technologies are safe, economical, and sustainable.
With these technologies Wireline’s focus extends beyond just providing services to our clients. These solutions are called Performance Technologies, ensuring the integrity of data quality delivered will permit clients the possibility to have wells continue to reach their full production potential.
MWS makes seed investments in differentiating Technology Initiatives to allow the company early access and to be able to deliver them exclusively to their clients.