Surface well testing and early production facilities

AlMansoori Production Services provide complete scope for early production facilities including engineering, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning/commissioning and operation and maintenance. 

Their engineering department provides clients with engineered Early Production Facilities that adhere to the international codes and standards, good engineering practices and that also support the operations team to find Engineering solutions to various operational problems.

AlMansouri implements cutting-edge well testing equipment to measure well parameters under dynamic and static reservoir conditions. 


MPS-SWT provides clients with all related equipment to promote zero flaring and zero environmental impact for either remote or developed field areas where well tie-in or facility readiness is an issue.

MPS-SWT provides clients with Multipurpose Vessels equipped with Surface Well Testing and Pumping Equipment permanently installed on deck. The vessels can be easily moved between wells and platforms to perform many types of interventions including flow back, unloading, pumping chemicals, verification and data gathering.