Integrated Project Management

AlMansoori Integrated Project Management (MIPM)

AlMansoori provides integrated project management whereby “end to end” solutions are delivered to our clients. In other words one total solution whereby clients have the luxury to be “hands-off” although we always adapt our MIPM approach to the desired level of involvement of our client.

AlMansoori, with our Divisions AlMansoori Petroleum Services, AlMansoori Industries and AlMansoori Marketing is operating across and very well connected to the full spectrum of E&P services from seismic to abandonment with our own and our partner services, with our own and partner new technologies, our manufactured equipment and specialist consultancy services in any E&P discipline. Our technologies and services by default are based on having a differentiating edge, we are not just bringing “more of the same”.

As such AlMansoori is able to draw on all elements that are enablers for the execution of a potential very diverse project. The MIPM Approach as such ensures that all these above elements in a process structured manner are coordinated to deliver value for our client. Our MIPM establishes and manages the involvement of all relevant project stakeholders and resources, according to processes agreed with and devised from client’s organization (or our own AlMansoori) set of standard processes. As such MIPM can be seen mimicking the client organization in managing the project.


Our approach is simple yet efficient and it is structured around 7 MIPM key workflows:

Our Project Initiation Statement provides the relevant information related to the project objectives, the scope, the key stakeholders and accountabilities and responsibilities of the participants. The AlMansoori Project Manager seeks sanctioning of the project of the client and AlMansoori senior management.

The Project Scoping Exercise is performed with stakeholders whereby client goals are clearly specified and these are supported by set project objectives with key-milestones. The resultant document gets endorsed by client and AlMansoori senior management.

The Integrated Project Management Plan covers all the activities for all participating project contributors related to their management loop “ initiate – plan – schedule – execute- monitor/control-close “. This plan defines our communication protocols between teams, the risk management processes, knowledge sharing, supervision, project oversight, performance management and the RACI matrix. AlMansoori Integrated Project Manager is in charge.

For the Project Execution Plan, each individual element of the integrated plan of the work processes are described on how this will be executed and supervised for example a drilling or work-over program describe the execution of the well construction. The execution steps are always linked to the project objectives and milestones and this is where performance management kicks-in. AlMansoori Integrated Project Office is up and running. Our Project Monitoring & Control measures, reports and analyzes the performance during the execution of the project. This is always compared to the milestones set during the scoping exercise. For Project Scope Change Management, our process is to ensure that changes to the project scope are evaluated to assess their impact on the execution plan(s) and the integrated project management plan. Throughout the Project Closure Celebration Plan, Team AlMansoori always invites all stakeholders for an “End of MIPM” to reinforce friendships made during the project.

Successful MIPM proposals and actual projects of various nature were performed and are ongoing with clients in UAE, India, Oman, Kurdistan, Kenya and Bahrain. Some examples of our fully integrated managed projects are the Early Production Facility and Production Operations, for installation, maintenance and operations. Others include Well Intervention, Abandonment and Side-Track Drilling, Well Construction and Well Abandonment. Other fully integrated projects include Seismic, Sub-Surface Interpretation, Well Construction, Production by EPF and Transportation. We also oversee Well Construction and Abandonment