Hs2 & Safety Services

As a Safety Company, we forge forward with Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Issues to achieve all of our targeted goals while supplying that same Experience and Expertise to the Client. As an International operator, we conduct our business in the highest of standards in a professional and ethical manner with a pledged commitment to our client. These values make AlMansoori Safety Services the top choice for our Clients.

Our Services

We deliver the inspection and service of Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EEBA), Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus (SABA) and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).​ We provide Posi-check Flow and Fit Testing of full mask positive flow respirators, in addition to Quality Fit Testing of personnel expected to don full mask positive-type respirators.​ We create calibration of fixed or portable gas detection systems for H2S, LEL or SO2​. We perform Site Surveys to develop Emergency Response Plans and develop designs for installations of gas and breathing air systems, as well as developing and performing site emergency exercises. We posess an In-field Mobile Service unit for the calibration, repair, cleaning and testing of gas detection and breathing equipment.


Our premium products include a customized Airloop System for use across land and offshore facilities​, Portable Gas Detection Devices, including wireless and fixed detection​ iterations. We also offer high quality Air Breathing and Air Purification products​, as well as Detcon which is a range of fixed gas detection and notification products and Simtronics which is a range of fixed flame detection and notification products​. Our Scott Sabre / MSA / Drager products provide respiratory protection, and our MSA/North range is high quality PPE. ​Our Blackline range provides loner personnel safety and gas monitoring and we also provide fall protection and rescue equipment.​