Drill Stem Testing

DST is a temporary completion of a wellbore that provides information on whether or not to complete the well. It is an oil and gas exploration procedure to isolate, stimulate and flow a downhole formation to determine the fluids present and the rate at which they can be produced. The main objective of a DST is to evaluate the commercial viability of a zone’s economic potential by identifying productive capacity, pressure, permeability or extent of an oil or gas reservoir.
AlMansoori provides a complete set of a Cased Hole DST tools to perform a cost effective well evaluation:


Our Drill Stem Testing DST Cased Hole Tools include Internal Pressure Compensated Slip Joints​, Single shot reverse circulating and annulus operated multicycle circulating valves. This is in addition to tester valves with some possessing a lock open feature. We provide Rupture Disc Operated Samplers​, E-Gauge Carriers, Memory Gauges, Hydraulic Jars, Tension Safety Joints, BOP safety valves and DST Casing Packer with both mechanical and hydraulic settings. Other capabilities include Real Time Down Hole DATA Acquisition, (TRICS-PARAGON Systems) through METROL, Annulus pressure operated Single Phase Bottom Hole Sampler, also acoustically operated through METROL, and Tubing conveyed perforations through our logging and perforating department AMLS.​