Coiled tubing & simulation

AlMansoori Well Services Division is providing coiled tubing and stimulation services for onshore and offshore operations in MENA region. We provide all kinds of well intervention including high rate stimulation and coiled tubing services. Our offshore fleet of stimulation vessels are fully equipped with a state of the art on-fly high rate mixing, monitoring, and pumping capabilities.
Our coiled tubing packages are dedicated for onshore and offshore operations in different countries such as UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. The onshore coiled tubing packages are including low rate and high rate acidizing equipment. We also provide technical and engineering support to our operation team and our clients on 24 hours basis.


Our Coiled Tubing services include acidizing, cementing, and fishing & milling. This is in addition to CT logging and valve shifting, post frac clean-up, nitrogen kick off, abrasive jetting and hard scale removal. This also includes Coiled Tubing Frac and conveyed perforation. 

Our Stimulation services include on and offshore high-rate acidizing courtesy of our own fleet of stimulation vessels. We deliver multistage acidizing and fracturing, nitrogen pumping, chemical solution for scale removal, as well as diverting and water shutoff treatment. Other stimulation services include pipeline purging and testing, oil pumping and reinjection, well enhancement operations, rigless plug and abandonment, and remedial cement squeezing.