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TAQA brings the expertise and track record as the largest and one of the most successful seismic data providers in Saudi Arabia.

Our data acquisition capabilities cover land, transition zone, shallow marine, and ocean bottom applications, and with over 50,000 of seismic data in KSA alone, TAQA mobilizes one of the most experienced seismic crews in the region. TAQA operates four Land 3D crews, and one land 2D Vibroseis seismic crew. The Vibroseis system uses large oscillating masses to deliver a range of frequencies and gather information about the location and characteristics of geological structures beneath the Earth's surface. We leverage the latest SercelTM technology to acquire data that can reduce operating costs while enhancing productivity reducing downtime, lowering power consumption and reducing equipment weight. TAQA’s on and offshore geophysical mapping capabilities enable TAQA to produce world-class 3D models from some of the most hostile territories, producing data-rich analysis that is accurate to within a foot. In addition to seismic and non-seismic data and availing other services, TAQA provides subsurface imaging, modeling, and R7D services to help clients get the most value out of their data. We are operational across the region with projects in KSA, UAE, Egypt and Oman.

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