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Drilling & Drilling Services

Drilling & Drilling Services

TAQA is a leading provider of Onshore and Offshore drilling services, bringing more than 50 years of operational experience and a track record of pioneering techniques that have improved safety and efficiency in drilling processes.

TAQA, through its specialized drilling arm, the Arabian Drilling Company (ADC), owns and operates 32 drilling rigs on land and offshore and has extensive experience operating rigs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and throughout the GCC. TAQA’s highly qualified drilling professionals operate our Offshore units which are equipped with high specification equipment and are capable of drilling in 375ft of water. Our Multi-Purpose Service Vessels (MPSV) – AD20 & AD40 provide well intervention and well testing services. The Company’s onshore fleet ranges from medium to ultra-heavy rigs that are designed to work in harsh climatic conditions.

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