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The Industrialization & Energy Services Company (TAQA), Dhahran 4088-34455, Building: 15 - Eastern Province, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ziyad Al-Mudarra

VP Group Corporate Affairs

TAQA places great focus on its relationships with all stakeholders and works to ensure its alignment with all government strategies and programs. TAQA Corporate Affairs was established to play a key role in leading, ensuring alignment and maintaining strong and effective relationships with stakeholders, including government agencies, policymakers, regulators, financial institutions, foreign embassies, market analysts, potential partners, and other regulatory bodies, in order to accelerate and enhance TAQA’s decision making process and enable the delivery of strategic initiatives.

This focus on relationship management adds value to our operations by increasing collaboration and reducing potential constraints on our businesses. It also allows us to plan for the future, minimizing risks and enhancing opportunities by better understanding the fast-changing GESTE (Government, Economic, Social, Technological, Environment) context. Government Affairs will focus on:

Developing Strategies

Developing strategies for TAQA’s engagement with related government and semi-government entities to support our growth strategy.

Acting as a focal point

Acting as a focal point, closely connecting TAQA, its subsidiaries and affiliates’ actions with a diverse and ever-expanding spectrum of stakeholders.

Identifying and Assessing

Identifying and assessing opportunities to collaborate with stakeholders, and eliminating potential conflicts, gaps, contradictions, or incompatibilities between TAQA and its stakeholders..

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TAQA strategic thrust is to become a regional (OFSE) player servicing the MENA markets.