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Industrialization & Energy Services Company "Energy" Saudi Joint Stock Company was established in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. 494 dated 23 March 1424 24 th May 2003. Public Investment Fund owns 46% of its capital, while 54% of the capital has a large segment of several Saudi joint stock companies and industrial investors. And it has been raising the company's capital of SR 2000 million to 5000 million riyals in 2015 .

The company's strategic goals to increase the gross domestic product, and the localization of energy services industry in the Kingdom, and the transfer of technology and the provision of job opportunities for Saudis, as well as the development of projects by attracting new partners and the formation of strategic alliances. And expanding the scope of its work so as to allow it to participate in a wide range of activities that include exploration services survey and seismic studies geophysics, land and offshore drilling of oil and gas, electricity and water projects to extract directly or through the establishment of specialized companies .



To become a leading manufacturer of high-quality products and provide first-class services to the sectors of industry and energy.


the mission

The establishment of industries and deliver services and value to shareholders and the development of strategic alliances and technology transfer and work with full attention to quality, safety and environmental conservation opportunities.



About subsidiaries and sister companies:


Arabian Drilling Company:

Arabian Drilling Company (limited liability company) was established in 1964. It owns a manufacturing company and energy services (energy) 51% of its capital, while the company "Schlumberger" Petroleum Services French world leader in oilfield services owns 49% remaining, full of drilling services registered with the Arabian Drilling Company long years of experience and the ability of innovative which helped the company since more than  51 - year - old major achievements in the exploration and drilling operations, supported by documented records in the field of safety and efficiency. Although the company has started its operations drilling device and only one, but it has managed during the year 2015 to raise the number of rigs in its fleet to thirty - two   drilling rig Land and sea, The list includes the company's customers today Saudi Aramco and Aramco Gulf Operations.


Arcas Company:

Arabian Geophysical and Surveying (Arcas) is a limited liability company, was established in 1966 and owns 51% of which are now manufacturing company Energy Services (Energy) owns 49% C. Ing. Ing. It is considered the first of its kind Arcas Saudi company in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and specializes in providing land and marine geophysical studies on the exploration and development of hydrocarbon reservoirs, minerals and sources of underground water services. As the implementation of all other activities related to the exploration of natural resources, including seismic survey and study of deep-sea and analysis of information and geodetic Studies and the preparation of maps and tasks.


JESCO Company:

Jubail Energy Services Company was established (JESCO) to build a modern factory for the production of seamless pipes. Manufacturing and Energy Services Company has developed (energy) assumed responsibility for the establishment of a factory for the production of seamless tubes by using the latest technologies available. During the first five years of production was approximately one million metric tons of pipes. Manufacturing and Energy Services Company also owns (Energy)   56.44 % of the capital JESCO company, while the remaining nine major companies owned in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the company "Duferco" , a subsidiary of a global leader in metal trading sector company.


Star Company:

was established a company "Saipem" "energy" Rasheed Manufacturing Ltd. (Star) Public 2007 As a Related liability Limited, Owned for every From a company energy And Rasheed Business Navy Limited 60% and a company Saipem Italian in the rate of   40% of head Capital The company. The (Star) is the only company in Saudi Arabia specialized in the production of Platforms Marine oil and gas industry, and the company built on a site of 400,000 square meters, according to the highest standards and quality standards, where Reach energy yield to me 30,000 Tonnes From Platforms Navy at the year Than Lead to me Recruit hundreds In direct As well as Provide Opportunities big Business Commercial Local . It is worth mentioning has been approved to increase the site area to 130.525 square meters and to meet the demand for Almetzerd platforms for Saudi Aramco.


Aarlakoid Arab Company:

was established a company " Aarlakoid " Arab at In 2008 Which partnership Related liability Limited between a company Aarlkoid East East, which owns 65% and energy company by 35%, specialize at Show Technique Industrial Gases In addition to me Experience Technical at Engineering Construction Operations running Accompanying for more than 100 Public With Collection " Aarlkoid".  Aarlakoid Arab Company Owns Runs Factor Produce Gases Industrial And pipeline networks With Guarantee Top level From safety, As well as About Commitment Procurement Ability Competitive the cost To its customers From During Conclusion Agreements long Term .


Singles Company:

Prepare Singles International Inc. Arabic Saudi Arabia Limited ) Ask ( Project Common Between the company Manufacturing Services energy (Energy) and Middle Singles East Operations Co., Ltd., A company A Company "Singles." was established a company Singles International Arabic Saudi Arabia Limited ) Will be asked) in Public 2008, where Began Operations at 2010 With a view to Provide Services Concrete products sector Petroleum Gas Company Aramco Saudi Arabia Public 2012 Expanded (ask ( Activity to include Provide Business Installation Cement Pipe Mineral Long Flexible, As well as Services Motivate and support Solution Aramco Saudi Arabia at Projects at All From Wells Petroleum Gas . It also supports Business Services Cement Pipe Twisted Team From 220 Employees Specialist, Operating company (ask) to develop my work Complete Saudis, Where Arrived Rate Saudization at In 2015 to me 46 % Employee .






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